The weird and wonderful world of wearables

Weird and wonderful world of wearables

From the pioneering abacus ring of the 17th century to the Bluetooth headsets that accessorised the millennium, the public’s fascination with wearables is deeply ingrained and continues to dominate the technology sector today.

Companies like SmartKem strive to meet this demand by driving innovation in display technology, making tomorrow’s ideas achievable today. Fusing fashion with function to create must-have goods, these products push the boundaries of innovation to make our lives easier, providing endless entertainment and bold style statements.

However, while necessity is the mother of invention, some of the latest wearables are far more inventive than necessary. From electronic cosmetics to literally mind-bending gadgets, we take a stroll through the weird and wonderful world of the market’s most bizarre designs…

BACtrack Skyn 

The ultimate adult babysitter, BACtrack Skyn is a wearable alcohol tracker that lets you know when it’s time to switch to water. Monitoring alcohol levels via the skin in real-time, this smart accessory features a smart display with notifications to let the wearer know if they are drinking too quickly or too much, encouraging more responsible decisions.

Available as a standalone wristwear item or integrated with Apple Watch, just strap it on and open the app to start monitoring your drinking.


False eyelashes are perfect for creating a glamorous look but if you’re going for more of a Terminator-meets-Ziggy Stardust aesthetic then F.lashes could be for you. These rave-ready lashes feature a small strip of LED lights available in a range of colours, ideal for bringing out your inner fembot.

As interactive as they are fun, F.lashes are equipped with a motion sensor straight out of The Matrix which fits to the back of the neck and detects head and body movements such as posing, dancing and head-banging, responding with different light sequence effects.

JAKCOM N2 Smart Nail

Continuing with the theme of sci-fi inspired cosmetics, Smart Nail is a multifunctional nail art appliance that provides nanotechnology at your fingertips. Blurring the line between devices and cosmetics for stylish connectivity, these false nails contain an NFC microchip with NXP semiconductors to free your hands; just stick on and make contactless card payments, unlock your phone or access your building – all without cumbersome cards and fobs.

Aurora Dreamband

If wearable technology is beyond your wildest dreams…then change your dreams! Aurora Dreamband is the world’s first brain-sensing headband, using audiovisual stimuli during REM sleep to increase dream recall and explore your forty-winks.

Tracking and improving your slumber with dream-enhancing neurotechnologies, this product unlocks the individual’s sleep architecture to optimise rest. It can even help steer dreams, with LEDs supplying notifications by stimulating the eyes.


Or if some good old classical conditioning is more your thing, check out the kooky new Pavolk creation, a sadistic gadget that gives small electric shocks to break bad habits.

Supplying the negative reinforcement that no consumer ever thought to ask for, this delightfully Pavlovian device is designed to train people out of behaviours such as nail biting and overeating with sensor and app technology. Every time the wearer repeats a negative action, Pavlok delivers a delightful little shock to provide haptic feedback.