SmartKem is reshaping the display industry

The display industry is changing. The drive for new and innovative plastic conformal OLED and LC displays has enabled SmartKem to forge its position as a leading provider of a new semiconductor platform called truFLEX®.


truFLEX® offers the display and electronics industry a new thin film transistor platform with world-leading electrical performance and unbeatable form factor advantages.

This new material system can be easily solution-coated onto low-cost plastic at room temperature with no need for a vacuum, using existing equipment. truFLEX® is changing the way the display and electronics industries are thinking – the world of displays and electronics is no longer heavy, flat or rigid but lightweight, thin , rollable and foldable.

SmartKem is driving the development of a whole new range of differentiated CE applications in a global market; encompassing low power, lightweight, unbreakable displays on plastic that can flex, bend, fold and roll – all produced with simplified production methods and at reduced cost.

Smartkem explained…

Find out how SmartKem can help you develop next generation OLED and LCD displays

SmartKem has substantial expertise and can partner your business to deliver:

  • Design, modelling, fabrication and validation of TFT design rules
  • Scaled synthesis and purification of core semiconductor molecules
  • Supply of full complementary TFT stack materials
  • Proprietary methods of formulating molecules into functional ink formulations
  • Industrialised coating methods to ensure device performance and uniformity
  • Complete transfer support of process of record to the industrial production line