Processing – What’s the Magic?

The world’s first intelligent semi-conductor technology


How do we do it? How do we get this step change in TFT performance?

The secret of the SmartKem technology platform is in the design of the patented dual material molecular framework. This allows the ‘intelligent’ self-assembly and stacking of a high mobility small molecule material in a semiconducting binder after solution deposition.

This breakthrough in self-assembling ‘intelligent’ semiconductors allows:

  • High charge carrier mobility
  • Ease of processing using solution coating
  • Superb uniformity across large areas
  • Ultra-low off currents for low power displays
  • Low cost production
  • Ultra flexible thin film transistors

SmartKem materials are formulated for success with over six years of pioneering formulation protocols specific to each customer’s production process, device design and application.

We have perfected the selection of semiconductor binder types, loading ratios, use of single or multi-solvents and control of wetting for any process or any low-cost target substrate, including plastic.

Our carefully formulated proprietary truFLEX® technology ensures success for manufacturers in achieving the TFT performance and production adoption for the application of choice.

truFLEX® is the intelligent semiconductor platform that’s changing the way the industry thinks about TFT manufacture. Easily adopted onto existing TFT production lines, the truFLEX® semiconductor platform offers a low risk route to adoption for the manufacture of revolutionary new form OLED and LC displays and electronics on plastic.

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