Our Vision

Reshaping the electronic display industry

The SmartKem vision is to become the worlds leading supplier of organic semiconductors for the manufacture of unbreakable, lightweight, flexible and low power thin film transistors.

The ground-breaking truFLEX® semiconductor platform is enabling the manufacture of a new generation of differentiated automotive, wearable, mobile and embedded electronic displays. SmartKem’s core offering responds to the demands of the electronic display industry for lightweight, conformal and low power thin-film transistors.

Our materials are designed and formulated to yield superior performance thin film transistors by low temperature solution processing on low cost polymer substrates using standard print manufacturing methods.

With an unrivalled pipeline of materials under adoption by OEMS and brand owners worldwide, SmartKem is redefining the display industry, delivering expertise in molecular design, synthesis, formulation, electronic prototyping and scale-up support to our customers’ production lines.


In 2013 SmartKem was awarded the Printed Electronics Asia Award for Best Advanced Material Development and in 2015, truFLEX® was the Winner of Innovative Product of Year for Wales and selected as a Finalist at the R&D100 Awards.

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