OLED ensures two sides to every argument: CES 2017


Everyone must have had a least one argument with their partner over what to watch on the TV. Especially during the football season. Skyworth think they have the solution and exhibited a 4K OLED double-sided TV at CES 2017.

Showcasing the slim form factor potential of OLED, Skyworth’s double-sided TV is impressive and should put an end to arguments over what to watch in the home – but surely headphones would be a prerequisite as well as two sofas?

A more realistic application for this product may be in retail. It showcases the form factor potential of OLED for commercial products such as in-store advertising – where information and adverts can be displayed to customers from all angles. A nice subtle concept that won’t change the world but will generate sales of OLED-based product due to its unique qualities and added value for users.

Skyworth’s 4K OLED double-sided TV Skyworth’s 4K OLED double-sided TV 1

Skyworth’s 4K OLED double-sided TV