SmartKem Technology for life 1

SmartKem, a world-leader in the design, synthesis and supply of high performance organic semiconductors for electronic displays, has today launched its innovative Technology For Life campaign.

The Technology For Life campaign will highlight how recent end-user-driven advances in display technology are set to improve the world of wearables and portable devices for consumers worldwide.

By concentrating on the attributes consumers are demanding from next generation wearable devices – namely longer-life, thinner, lighter and more robust – SmartKem has developed solutions that are allowing display manufacturers to create displays on plastic, rather than glass.

These ultra-thin displays are unbreakable and require a remarkably low level of power to run – making them ideal for the frenetic 24/7 lifestyle of wearables consumers.

This revolutionary technology is currently filling Asian display production lines. Mass adoption and commercialisation is imminent.

UK chemicals specialist, SmartKem, ensures that Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) and Liquid Crystal (LC) displays can be made on plastic, rather than glass – making them thin, lightweight and strong enough to stand up to an active lifestyle. The company has also shown it’s possible to enable significant power savings of a smartwatch by using SmartKem patented solutions.

The Technology For Life campaign will further inform the industry and general public that the solutions to the most aggravating wearables end-user problems are already here.

The Technology For Life campaign will be seen online, in the media and at trade shows, and will enhance the debate about the future of wearable technology. Industry statistics, key messages and campaign elements will also feature on SmartKem’s Twitter accounts @SmartKemTruFlex under the #technologyforlife hashtag.

Visit the SmartKem YouTube Channel to discover more about the company and latest developments.