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SmartKem, the leading manufacturer of organic semiconductor materials, has launched a brand new website to reflect its future vision as the global leader in the flexible display and electronics market.

The website has a fresh, contemporary appearance and includes new content about the company’s ground breaking products and technology, to appeal to its global customer base.

Visitors to the site can easily navigate their way around the site and understand the potential benefits that SmartKem’s new semiconductor platform can offer them in the design and manufacture of new form factor displays, touch screen and sensor based product applications.

Steve Kelly, managing director at SmartKem, said: “SmartKem is an innovative, forward-thinking company when it comes to the products we develop. We have launched this new website to compliment our valued position in the market with investors, brands and display manufacturers all over the world.”

“The business is going from strength to strength so it is vital that our website, our front door to the company, is able to showcase our growing capabilities for the fast moving display and electronics industry.”

With a world class science and commercial team, SmartKem is focused on the industrialisation and commercialisation of its truFLEX® semiconductor platform for the manufacture of ultra-flexible thin film transistors.

The innovative truFLEX® semiconductor platform from SmartKem is enabling the manufacture of a new generation of differentiated wearable, mobile, embedded and large area displays and electronics. SmartKem’s core offering responds to the demands of the display and electronics industry for a lightweight, ultra-flexible and low power thin-film transistor platform.