SmartKem, the leader in the design, synthesis and supply of organic semiconductors for electronic displays, will discuss its experience of the road to commercialisation at World Congress of Advanced Materials 2018.

Steve Kelly, SmartKem CEO, will present at the seventh annual World Congress of Advanced Materials, September 13-15, in Xiamen, China.  The event provides a platform for professionals around the world to exchange state-of-the-art research and development and identify needs and opportunities in this emerging field. Over one thousand industry leaders are expected to attend.

Mr. Kelly will talk to the material science breakthroughs that have enabled the market opportunity for the truFLEX® organic semiconductor platform and the total solution approach SmartKem has taken to achieve results. He will also share information on the outsource manufacturing model the company has taken, while maintaining ownership of the product and supply chain.

Mr. Kelly said: “I look forward to sharing truFLEX’s unique development journey and our work with leading display makers around the world with delegates at WCAM 2018. Our technology has been developed with the brand’s need for form factor differentiation front of mind, enabling end product differentiation in what is today a very competitive marketplace.

“SmartKem has taken a differentiated chemistry approach to its competitors, placing focus on the cross-functional marriage of chemistry, solid state physics and precision engineering to deliver success. We believe this approach to organic semiconductor integration will create truly innovative device design opportunities, in terms of flex, low weight, power consumption and robustness.”

SmartKem is a market-leading pioneer in the design, synthesis and supply of organic semiconductors for the manufacture of a new generation of flexible, lightweight, unbreakable and low power EPD, LCD, MicroLED and OLED on both glass and plastic.

The company, working with a number of leading display manufacturers in Asia, is focused on the transfer and scale up of its market leading truFLEX® semiconductor platform. Today, the company, which employs over 40 people, is in the final stages of commercial adoption and scale-up of material production with the first OLED and LC display products anticipated to enter the market by the end of 2019.