SmartKem’s CEO, Steve Kelly, has been invited to be a panel speaker at Smart Capital 2016 in Cascais, Portugal this week. The panel will discuss how both corporate and independent venture funding allowed SmartKem to become the market leader in the supply of thin-film transistor (TFT) materials and technology to the growing flexible display industry.

The unique event, which is organised by the International Venture Club and runs from 22-23 September, will allow delegates to share best practices and insight and debate core tech-industry investment themes and challenges in a collaborative environment.

Mr. Kelly will present a case study during the panel discussion ‘Playing together – how VCs and CVs create value for each other – the SmartKem experience’ at the conference to spark discussion between panelists.

SmartKem has gained significant traction within the display industry as the thin-film transistor (TFT) technology of choice for forward-thinking display manufacturers. Mr. Kelly is keen to see the high-growth trajectory of SmartKem’s innovative semiconductor platform continue. Commenting on the opportunity to share his thoughts at Smart Capital 2016, he said: “I’m delighted to come together with fellow innovators, VC fund managers and strategic investors to present the ‘SmartKem experience’ as a case study.”

“Since gaining recognition as one of the top ten advanced material start-ups with corporate VC investors, we’ve established our truFLEX® semiconductor TFT platform as a must-have proposition for current and future display market needs.

Our vision is to become the leading enabler to the display industry for the manufacture of low power, rugged and flexible displays and we continue to drive our truFLEX® materials and technology platform to full scale commercialisation.”

SmartKem’s innovative semiconductor platform enables the solution-coat production of thin film transistors onto glass or plastic that are not only physically ultra-flexible but also offer up to 90{f31f6ecffb34375fd9f87a98429f445e701cb826ab1a6f6cc611dc3cd2aec2bf} display power saving over alternative semiconductor technologies. This means smartwatch or smartphone recharging changes from a daily to a weekly chore.

Today, the technology platform offers display makers a low risk route to adoption on existing a-Si production lines. This allows displays makers a quick and easy entry route to the manufacture of flexible OLED display based products for the first time.

The truFLEX technology platform is reshaping the display industry, enabling the wide scale production of a new type of thin, lightweight, low power flexible display for application to some of the biggest consumer electronic markets in the world such as wearables, smartphones, tablets, laptops and large area displays.