A world record semiconductor platform

SmartKem has designed and delivered to market a new class of semiconductor. truFLEX® offers all the advantages of inorganic and organic semiconductors in one material system. SmartKem semiconductors are designed and developed with a new type of ‘dual material’ molecular framework that allows the manufacture of highly uniform, high mobility transistor arrays using standard low-temperature solution coat production techniques.

Superior electrical and thermal stability and a 10-fold increase in mobility over traditional materials, such as a-Si, is combined with true physical flexibility in transistor form. Our proprietary organic semiconductor platform offers the display industry a route to superior TFT backplane production with reduced manufacturing complexity and cost for the first time.

SmartKem offers full ‘molecule to market’ support including a unique intrinsic material model that allows full simulation of material performance in TFT form to establish design rules for manufacture.

SmartKem also supplies a full suite of materials and process of record for TFT stack manufacture, in addition to comprehensive on-site support during the technology transfer process.

Find out why truFLEX® is a world record-breaking material system under adoption by some of the world’s biggest display manufacturers today.

Property a-Si LTPS IGZO OTFT
VT uniformity good fair fair excellent
VT stability poor good poor excellent
Leakage Current poor poor good World Class
Mobility 1 50-100 10-30 5-10
Uniformity good fair fair very good
Process Complexity Low high low Low
Flexibility poor poor poor <0.1mm
Process Temperature 200-380°C <450°C 200-350°C 100°C
Cost good poor fair excellent
Yield good poor fair excellent

SmartKem is the leader in the design and development of fully synthesised and purified small molecule and functional polymeric organic semiconductors. Leading technology institutes have independently validated SmartKem’s principle ink formulations and the company has achieved state of the art performance for OSC inks for flexible TFT applications by combining true physical ultra flexibility with superior TFT electrical performance.

  • Carrier mobility > 5cm2/Vs
  • Superior bias stress stability
  • Superior flexibility stability <0.1mm
  • Excellent temperature stability >250C
  • Low voltage threshold 0.1V
  • Leading low leakage currents 10-17

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