Welcome to the Display Revolution

Welcome to the world of next generation electronic displays. The SmartKem thin film transistor platform is enabling a whole new world of unbreakable, lightweight, low power electronic products that will also curve, fold and roll around any shape or contour. A market estimated to be worth $80B by 2023, flexible electronics are set to transform our everyday lives, from low power conformal smartwatches and foldable smartphones and tablets to ultra-thin devices and sensors making up the Internet of Everything.

The beating heart of this technological revolution is the thin film transistor, driven by state of the art semiconductors. truFLEX® semiconductors from SmartKem are at the forefront of this market; a low temperature solution-processed semiconductor that can be processed on plastic and offers world class leading low power levels and transistor speed, all combined with conformability.

The potential added value that this new technology offers covers a vast range of applications on a global scale; encompassing lightweight, unbreakable consumer electronic devices all produced at low cost incorporated into a myriad of new product form factors.

Display Applications