Getting Fitness Trackers in Shape

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are effective tools for helping you to reach your physical goals, taking the effort out of monitoring your exercise, activity, weight and even sleep. Whether you enjoy the motivation of reaching targets or simply competing against yourself, these wearables help millions of consumers to get their body in better shape.

Hoping to firm up those not-so-tight-anymore areas, sculpt a graceful silhouette or increase your energy levels? Fitness trackers are an ideal solution, helping you to follow how your hard work is paying off and keeping you on track towards your goals with features from calorie logs to reminders to move.

But many of the fitness trackers currently on the market display a curious contradiction – their purpose is to shake off the couch potato lifestyle, but they are so often shaped like a potato; bulky, heavy and misshapen, it’s ironic that fitness wearables stay chunky while their wearers tone up and grow more streamlined.

Another disparity between function and form arises in the fitness tracker world when we consider their power capacity. Features such as workout and cardio fitness monitoring help wearers to boost their energy levels, endurance and stamina, whereas trackers lag behind – needing to be charged several times a week, gasping for breath and falling off the treadmill after a day’s usage. It’s tough to fit exercise into a 24/7 lifestyle, so wearables need to evolve if they are to keep pace.

Many current fitness trackers are also far from robust and prone to scratches or cracks, with lots of models not even offering waterproof designs. Cycling through the rain, running through the snow, swimming or climbing – exercise regimes take on the elements and aren’t precious about rough and tumble. Wearables therefore need to be as tough as you are – there are bumps along the road of any fitness journey and fitness trackers must weather these better.

But this doesn’t mean we should abandon our fitness trackers, they simply need to be manufactured using the most up to date technologies – and that’s where SmartKem comes in.

Resolving wearables’ woes, SmartKem makes devices lighter, stronger and more robust with an improved battery life. Instead of dated glass screens, we create unbreakable liquid crystal (LC) and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays – taking on whatever your routine throws at them.

This revolutionary display technology heralds a new era of conformal, lightweight and ultra-thin form factors – replacing unflattering fitness tracker shapes with svelte and featherweight designs to match your new figure.

Giving battery life a real shot in the arm, SmartKem’s organic thin film transistor (OTFT) and organic semiconductor technology also significantly reduces power consumption, meaning less charging, helping your devices to keep going for as long as you can.