The Future of Displays as Seen at CES 2018

CES lg tunnel

The future is flexible… 

CES 2018 set the global stage once again for marketplace innovation, showing what the future holds for consumer electronics and technologies.

One of the major trends seen at this year’s CES show was flexible display. Whether it’s large format displays for shop fronts, wide car dashboard displays or screens for the fridge, the potential for flexible and foldable technology is bigger than ever.

SmartKem brings you key insights into the flexibles trend:

The Bigger, the better 

Large area displays for home and business are on the rise, with convenience twists enhancing appeal. Frontrunners include LG’s rollable 65-inch screen, which folds back into the wall when not in use to maximize space. Samsung’s ‘The Wall’, an exciting modular MicroLED 146-inch TV, also impresses by changing the display size to best fit the situation and environment at the touch of a button.

Sharpness is another key focus for TVs this year, with many of the major brands including LG, Samsung, Sharp and Sony launching crystal-clear 8K screens.

Anybody Home?

Voice enabled devices (VEDs) are here to stay, with features including smart screens and speakers offering differentiation in an increasingly crowded marketplace. These intelligent devices are designed to make our lives easier, keeping us informed about the weather, playing our favourite music and even running our home for us – whether powering the TV or turning on the shower.

CES saw many major brands including JBL, LG and Lenovo competing with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for the lime light.

Always On-call

The need for 24/7 device availability has led to the development of ACPCs (Always Connected Personal Computers) boasting benefits such as longer battery life and SIM card compatibility for cellular connectivity, as well as ultra-thin and lightweight formats for ease of use. Our favourites included the super-connected ASUS NovaGo laptop computer featuring 22-hour battery life.

Driving Technology Forward

CES showcased the automotive sector as a stand-out display technology innovator highlighting developments including large touchscreens, gesture control and voice-activated dashboard displays for seamless on-the-go interaction.

SmartKem’s top picks were the radical Mercedes A-class, featuring a ‘floating’ dashboard with large 3D screens, and the Byton semi-autonomous electric SUV – designed to function as a smart device in itself and boasting a 1.25m dashboard-wide display.

CES 2018 Asia is coming up soon and we’re looking forward to seeing what other flexible display ideas are out there.