Displaying the future of healthcare technology

Future of healthcare displays

Fast-paced, always changing and with no margin for error, the healthcare sector relies on innovation in a wide array of technologies to help maintain efficiency and accuracy. From digital signage to clinical review points, the electronic display industry is today providing transformative solutions that are ideally tailored to staff and patients’ needs.

In any hospital or medical centre, it is crucial that people remain informed at all times. However, the unpredictable and often sprawling nature of these facilities poses significant communication challenges in terms of navigation and appointment, with the potential to leave service users intimidated and confused.

That’s where digital displays come in. Whether giving directional or schedule information, these appliances share key messages in an accessible manner that optimises traffic flow and takes the pressure off front-line personnel. Notifying patients when it’s time for their appointment, keeping them updated about waiting times and presenting a self-service check-in system, dynamic digital devices free up employee time and share the most current information available.

As well as enhancing patients’ experience, the technology’s benefits are likewise manifold for healthcare professionals. With large-format, high-definition screens, staff can quickly note real-time patient management updates with live data feeds to minimise the administration of bulletin or whiteboard records and promote precision. Hand-held displays likewise offer opportunities for improving procedures, for example by allowing nurses to log medication delivery during drug rounds using a digital interface rather than fallible paper records.

While display technology has been available in healthcare contexts for several years, forward-thinking companies like SmartKem have noticed the need for more suitable materials and are creating the next generation of innovations.

With the potential to reshape the industry with plastic based conformal OLED and LC displays, SmartKem has created a new semiconductor platform, truFLEX®, with exceptional form factor advantages and electrical performance to create the future of flexible, unbreakable screens. This opens up a new world of possibilities for everything from observations monitors to mobile healthcare devices, boosting efficiency and helping facilities to provide better care.

Using plastic rather than glass, SmartKem truFLEX® technology will be suitable for surgical environments thanks to its uniquely sanitisable surface. Whereas traditional displays can be easily damaged by cleaning products, plastic screens can be sterilised with confidence. These hygiene credentials also present huge benefits for wider healthcare facilities, with germ-resistant, bezel-free housing aiding vital infection control.

Plastic materials offer further confidence with a flexible and unbreakable form factor, providing the robustness, safety and functionality needed for hospital conditions and bedside applications. This peace of mind reassures customers that, even if dropped, the equipment will remain operational, reducing downtime and financial outlay.

Whether integrated in to a heart rate monitor or an assistive communication device, the technology poses no risk to service users in terms of breakage or exothermic properties. The ultra-thin and lightweight form factors also enhance ease of use for both rushed healthcare professionals and particularly frail patients.

Facilitating faster, more efficient and accurate connectivity with revolutionary form factor advantages, the possibilities for truFLEX® technology in OLED and LC displays in the healthcare sector are boundless. Its thinner, lighter, stronger features will be used in a wide range of formats to transform care and optimise procedures.