How’s it Hangin’? : CES 2017


How’s it Hangin’?

CES 2017 has shown that the key driver of the two major CE brands is not just how to make  TVs more stunning, but also less obtrusive.

LG won all the plaudits for its OLED Signature TV product, including Best of the Best –  a stunning OLED display that is just over 2mm thick and mounted onto glass. In contrast Samsung went for the more unusual approach of disguising its TVs as wall-mounted, framed pictures. So until the TV is in use, it forms part of the furniture as a framed painting. In fact, the framed picture image of the Samsung Lifestyle TV is so realistic when the TV is not in use, I walked past their stand at CES wondering why Samsung had decided to mount lots of framed pictures in its exhibit..

One thing is clear, there is a push to get the latest generation off TVs off the floor and onto the wall. Whilst the awards garnered by LG at CES 2017 would indicate, they have a jump on Samsung in the ‘wow’ factor, the price tag may prohibit large scale market uptake for the near future.  But in truth Samsung’s offering may be more accessible from a cost and installation perspective. In fact, they have chosen to use their UHD LCD TV in the Lifestyle product rather than QLED to keep the cost point down.

Nevertheless, the ultra-thin form factor of LG’s OLED Signature TV really showcases the potential for OLED in new form factor product.  If you examine the image closely you will see that the drive electronics are all contained in the boom box below the TV; and the tracks can be seen connecting the boom box to the TV.

In fact, it doesn’t take a massive leap of the imagination to envision the next generation of wall-mounted OLED TVs being a roll-up or pull-down display with fully flexible OLED.

LG Signature OLED TV

LG Signature OLED TV

LG’s 4K Signature OLED TV

LG’s 4K Signature OLED TV

Samsung’s UHD 4K LCD Lifestyle TVs

Samsung’s UHD 4K LCD Lifestyle TVs (there are 2 TVs in this shot, the rest are paintings – can you guess which ones?)