A Recognised Authority in Display Electronics

SmartKem’s mission is to be the pre-eminent organic semiconductor materials supplier that companies rely on to deliver the technology and support the technology.

To achieve this SmartKem ensure the highest standards in processes and monitoring, regularly reviewing quality and process efficiency to deliver world leading materials and support.


As a committed Expert Member of the global IEC Standards Board for Printed Electronics (IEC TC119) SmartKem aims for excellence in everything it does and this forms an integral part of its innovation and transfer operations.

SmartKem is also a board member of the US based FlexTech Alliance, which is now part of Semi, Committee advisors for the FLEX conference, an active member of the OE-A and expert advisors of the UK Printed Electronics Leadership Group.

SmartKem are recognised leaders in the field of organic semiconductors and were awarded Best Development of Advanced Material by IdTechEx Asia in July 2013.

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